Nurturing Hands Doula and Massage Therapy Services

I Look Forward To Being Part Of Your Birth Story!

Providing Birth Doula, Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Birth Photography to the Edmonton area!

As a Birth Doula the individual services I offer are as follows.  I am more than happy to discuss various payment plans.  I also offer receipts for the massage services so you can claim them through your insurance provider!  Please contact me for details.   

Complimentary Consultation - Free

A Birth Doula may not be the right fit for every woman, and it's important to ensure that the personalities of the mother to be, her partner, and the doula are in sync.  This is a pressure free meeting to see if my services are right for you.  This meeting can take place any time during your pregnancy.  

Two In-Home Visits - $200

The first visit is to go over in length your wishes, thoughts, fears, and expectations.  We will prepare your birth plan together, as it can be overwhelming.  I will also go over what to expect, and ways for you to cope, during each stage of your labor and birth.  

The second visit will be a hands-on preparation of your labor and birth.  We will go over your birth plan and review what you can expect during your labor and birth.  We will go over positions for labouring and pain management options, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and visualization techniques.  I strongly believe that your mindset going into labor has a huge impact on how your labor and delivery goes.  During this visit we will also go over fears and how you're both feeling and discuss ways you can overcome your fears and prepare mentally for the arrival of your babe.  We will also discuss ways to encourage baby into an ideal position for delivery.  Birth partners are asked ot be involved in this visit as I will show them how they can support you.  This visit occurs roughly 3-4 weeks prior to your due date.  Both visits are held in the comfort of your own home.  

Prenatal Massage Therapy/Craniosacral Therapy - $70/session

During this massage we will focus on relaxation as well as relieving any aches and pains you are experiencing.  We will work on balancing your body to encourage baby into an ideal position, making labor much easier.  I incorporate Craniosacral Therapy into the massage sessions to maximize the treatment.  You also have the option of including Reiki work into your treatments.

Post-Natal Massage Therapy/Craniosacral Therapy - $70/session ($60/session for past doula clients)

Labor is physically hard, women often come away feeling achy and sore.  During this massage treatment we focus on relieving those aches and pains.  We also focus on relaxing your body and rejuvenating you, giving you a little "me" time from the demands on caring for your new born baby!  I incorporate Craniosacral Therapy into the massage sessions to maximize the treatment.  You also have the option of including Reiki work into your treatments.  

Infant Massage Instruction - $50/session

I will come to your home to show you how to give your little one a very beneficial infant massage.  The benefits of infant massage are vast and I would be happy to chat with your about them!

24 Hour On Call Support - $100

As your Birth Doula I will make myself available for any questions or concerns you may have before, during and immediately after your birth via text, e-mail, and phone calls.  This is one of the most wonderful advantages to having a doula. 

Continuous Hands on Support During Labor and Delivery with Breastfeeding Support - $500

As your Birth Doula my job is to help you cope with the fears and anxieties you may be feeling.  I can help you remain calm, relaxed and comfortable throughout your labor.  I will be a quiet, calm, reassuring presence, stepping in and guiding your partner in helping you, taking over for him/her when they need a break, and taking a step back when you are coping well together on your own.  You will find that your birth partner will be more involved and present due to the pressure of the unknown being removed by the Doula.  I will ensure that you are fully informed of any interventions necessary and your birth plan is followed as closely as medically possible.  After the birth of your child if you choose to breastfeed I will be available to assist in proper positioning, ensure baby is latching properly and you are comfortable in your new role.  

Although I will make every effort possible to be at your birth, there are unforeseeable circumstances that may arise.  In this situation a wonderful certified back up doula will take my place during your birth.  This Doula will be hand-picked by me to be the best match for you.  Please keep in mind this is a rare situation but a safety measure I have in place just in case.

Photos and a Birth Story - $200

I will take photos of your labor and delivery and capture those first few moments with your little one.  These are moment's you can never recreate.  I will then print off the photos and create a beautiful scrapbook with a printed version of your birth story.  Please note, I am not a professional photographer, I am a hobby photographer which is reflected in my price.

Post-Natal Visit - $50

I will be on call to you after the birth of your child for 2 weeks and then will come to your home once you're settled to go over your birth, your thoughts and feelings as to how things went.  At this time we will also review how things have been going and I will assist further with any breastfeeding issues that have come up.