Nurturing Hands Doula and Massage Therapy Services

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Massage Therapy Treatments

Swedish Massage - is the manipulation of superficial muscle layers to promote relaxation, improve circulation and skin tone. 

Deep Tissue Massage - consists of deep pressure and friction techniques for chronic muscle tension, soreness, and sports injuries.  Your therapist will start by warming up your muscles by first working on the superficial muscle layers, as well as working on surrounding and compensating structures.  This means that your treatment will include body areas that you don't necessarily feel pain in.  Experiencing pain during a Deep Tissue massage that "Hurts so Good" can be therapeutic as long as you are not in a self-defence mode.  You should be able to take a deep breath and let your body relax beneath the therapists pressure, if you can not do this, you are fighting against the treatment and should let your therapist know.  Your therapist is able to alter her pressure to suit what you are comfortable with while still giving a deep tissue treatment.  

Trigger Point Therapy - is when pressure is applied directly to specific areas to help release the muscle and rid your body of referral pain.  This technique is usually combined with a Deep Tissue treatment. 

Energy Work - Reiki - is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that facilitates healing by working with the energy of the client to clear blocks and restrictions in the body and restore harmony.  Reiki is often worked into a swedish, prenatal, or deep tissue treatment.  

Prenatal Massage - caters to expectant moms, giving them a space to relax and reenergize while stimulating blood flow, reducing fatigue, relieving headaches, back pain, hip pain, and leg cramps.